American 8-Ball Pool (Pool Game)

American 8-Ball Pool, is one of the best free pool games with US 8-ball pool and straight pool Tournamants, Challenges & Time Attacks. Win the cups to become the pub pool champion, and win trophies for top scores, big breaks and special shots.


American 8-Ball Pool Online 8-Ball Pool Game with Tournaments


American 8-Ball Pool

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American 8-Ball Pool

"One of the best free online 8-ball pool games!"

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American 8-Ball Pool

Play 8-Ball Pool and Straight Pool tournaments (against the computer), pool Challenges and Time Attacks including the popular Random Potting challenge and Straight Clear-Up Time Attack. Plus win over 50 pool trophies for top scores, big breaks and special shots - like potting the 8-ball off the break! The 8-ball pool computer players are intelligent and vary in difficulty, only the best players will be able to win the hardest pool cups and become the pub champion. You can customise the 8-ball rules to your local rules, so you can decide if you want to play two shots after a foul or not - as well as other 8-ball rule options. This is one of the most complete free flash pool game and one of the best 8-ball pool games with computer players online - Enjoy!



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Play American 8-Ball Pool on Facebook - with special facebook achievements, daily prizes and more. You can share your pool scores with your facebook friends to see who rules the table.

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