American 8-Ball Pool (Pool Game)

American 8-Ball Pool, is one of the best free pool games with US 8-ball pool and straight pool Tournamants, Challenges & Time Attacks. Win the cups to become the pub pool champion, and win trophies for top scores, big breaks and special shots.


8-Ball Pool Action Shot Screen (Screenshot of American 8-Ball Pool)

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Play 8-Ball and Straight Pool tournaments against 15 computer players. There are 6 cups to be won on your way to becoming the pub champion. Play pool against the computer.

American 8-Ball Pool - 8-Ball Pool Action Shot Screen

American 8-Ball Pool - 8-Ball Pool Action Shot Screen

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Play American 8-Ball Pool on Facebook - with special facebook achievements, daily prizes and more. You can share your pool scores with your facebook friends to see who rules the table.

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American 8-Ball Pool was developed by Nippon Monkey for and

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